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Acting House Workshops

L E A R N   A C T I N G

Experience what New York and Hollywood Knows That Virginia has been missing until now!

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Darryl Jones Writer, Director,


A. Renee Cooper, Actress,

Acting Coach

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Prior to covid the Acting House Workshops was introduce in 2018 with President and Cinematographer Darryl Jones along with Actress and Acting Coach A.Renee Cooper giving local actors in the DMV area an opportunity to expand on there career. Both being natives of the Washington, DC area after living in New York over 30 years decided to share there talents and experiences with the Mid Atlantic Region.  Darryl being a Manager in the Music and Fashion  Business, Entertainment Photographer, Film Director, MUA, Creative Director for Focus Magazine of SWFL/Virginia, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer and A.Renee being a professional Actress, Fashion Designer, MUA, Hair Stylist and Image consultant decided to build a film production company servicing the need of actor and talent who were in search of real opportunities to advance there careers.  

The workshops are designed to give  non experience actors the opportunities to be on a real film sets with some of the most talented professional associated with the company such as writer, directors, producer, casting directors, agents, mua and hair stylist, who have worked in the television and film industry for  decades creating passionate ideas and techniques.  For experience actors it gives them a change to keep honing there skills, staying active and keeping there competitive edge sharp staying in front of the camera.

It's an all exclusive organization where actors register for a two day experience to build there skills on a live set in front of and behind the cinematographer's and directors camera.  An on hands training workshop where the value is more that the $295.00 you spend.  It's doesn't matter weather you're a professional or beginner we've developed value for you.  Saturday you're in the workshop Sunday you're script is in your had and your live in front of the camera and that footage becomes a part of your professional reel.



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