F i l m  -    T e l e v i s i o n  -   M o v i e s  -   P h o t o g r a p h e r   
D I P   G l o b a l   M e d i a   F i l m s
Multi-Talented Fashion Photographer, Producer, Writer
and Director, Darryl Jones, closes deal on new home
used as a film set for movies being produced the
independent film production company, DIP Global Media
Films. A move to gain assets and stability in the Richmond
Virginia Market, which in turn sets a strong foundation for
actors who want to build solid careers,  while utilizing the
facility to also implement the Acting House Workshop
Training Program.  Moving actors from script to the
screen.   It was a carefully thought- out plan and business
move from someone who's been in the business over 25
years and has a passion for the art form.  Relocating to the
Virginia Area nearly 10 years ago from New York City,
actors are already being placed in films he's produced.   
With a wide range of connections within the industry, the
company hopes to provide even more opportunities for  
D A R R Y L   J O N E S   D I R E C T O R   &   P  H O T O G R
Acting House Workshops - New Dates TBA
N e e d  H e a d s h o t s
email:  dipglobalmedia@gmail.com
A.Renee Cooper