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Petersburg Virginia's

72hour "Ultimate Artist" Film Festival

Film Set


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Camera Crew


The more writers the more creativity


Select a good crew


Great editing & sound makes a great film

DIP Global Media Films is proud to host Petersburg Virginia's First Annual 72 Hour "Ultimate Artist" Film Festival in the heart of the city.  Film Directors, Actors, Writers, Producers and those in the film industry who want to participate will compete for the grand prize of $2000.00 in cash.   With over 14,000 sq. ft. of new Content, Creative, Commercial Office Photography, Event and Movie Studio space for creatives throughout the DMV is where the event will be held.   Industry  judges with diverse backgrounds and who have worked on major projects such as Directors, Casting Agents, Producers, Talent Managers, Film Makers, Writers and Executive Producers in  the film industry will be viewing and making the final decisions. 

All films that are accepted to the festival will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel for viewing, commenting and creating new fans.

Each film-maker will have 72hours to make a film by the final deadline given as a final project for submission with a tag line we provide.   Submissions are of films which showcase an original story, written and or directed by a team of your choice with a total running time of no less than 12 minutes. Including credits.

The submission fee for the Petersburg Virginia's "Ultimate Artist" Film Festival (UAFF) is $199.00  (See Dates Below) of a Titled Short Film.  The UAFF reserves the right to disqualify, without refund to any or all submission fees previously collected from an applicants that is not submitted via the correct format requested or deadline. 

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W I N N I N G   F I L M   C A T E G O R I E S

Two Journalists
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Best Director

The Ultimate Artist Film Festival is the perfect opportunity for me. I've been directing films since college and we all know how expensive that can be. So making a film and winning cash diffently helps to purchase a few peices of equipment.

Best Writer

I've loved writing since I was a little girl, it's always been a part of me so this film festival gives me a chance to show my work on screen.

Best Cinematographer

Cinematography is my life and I've been involved in several festivals but nothing like this where I could actually win cash. I'm so excited becasue I can use a new lens.

Best Actor

There's a lot of actors out there and this is a great opportunity for me to get lots of exposure, I would do acting for free but it's good to know that I could actually get paid from this. I think it's great becasue when you win it gives you a certain kind of feeling.

Best Supporting Actor

Acting is a lot of fun, I've been doing it since I was little. One of the directors picked me from an auditions, I'm so excited I get a chance to be on a big screen, people will see me and my talent. I'm so glad Ultimate Artist Film Festival is taking place. Thank you so much UAFF!

Actors who appear in short films that win best Director and Best Film will receive a free headshot photoshoot.

Film Preview

Making great movies and telling stories don't require a lot, you only need a camera, light, actor, story and finally an audience to show it too.  Join the Petersburg, Virginia's "Ultimate Artist" Film Festival.  It'll be well worth it.

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Basic Camera

Basic or Natural Light

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Serious Actor or Actors

A Good Story




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1. Film personalities from the world of movie, cinema, and film making will be  judging submitted films excluding any person or members of the company  involved in any capacity in the production of the entry films or anyone with interest in their distribution that works for the company.

2.  Each Film-Maker will have 72 hours to make a film as a final project for submission. Submissions are of films which showcase an original story, written and or directed by the  team of its choice  with a total running time of 12 minutes or less  (including credits).

3.  The submission fees for The Petersburg, Virginia "Ultimate Artist" Film Festival (UAFF) is $199.00 for each submitted title.  The UAFF reserves the right to disqualify, without a refund of any or all submission fees previously collected from the applicants that is not submitted via one of these formats or by the deadline. 

-Each accepted film must be submitted in the .mp4 or .movie format.
-By submitting to the festival you confirm that you own the rights of or to the film, including the rights to the music, or have been given permission to use the music in the film, which must be accompanied by a license or users agreement from the entity which created or produced it.  All agreements and copyright forms must be signed and delivered by the deadline of the submission. Forms will be sent to you after your submission.
-Each Films Run Time is 12 Mins or less.
-Films must have been completed within the last 72Hours of the festival start date and the tag line must be used within the film,
-All Genera are welcomed to submit.

5.  An application of your acceptance of the festival date, rules, shooting date and fee must be accepted before being placed on our roster as an official entry.  You will be notified by email.

6.  Each category could possible have a winner.

Best Director - $600.00
Best Writer - $500.00
Best Cinematographer -$400.00
Best Actor - $300.00
Best Supporting Actor - $200.00

The cash prize in all categories can be won by one film or split between several films.


Submissions Open - NOW

Entry Fee $199.00  - Online Only

Late Submission Deadline  - By reasonable excuse and approval only by members of the staff.

Shooting Dates - January 26th - 27th -28th /2024

Upload Final Video Date  - Monday January 29, 2024  by 12 midnight


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